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Support Our Church


1. ONLINE BANKING YOU INITIATE THROUGH YOUR LOCAL BANK - Check with your bank and depending on your account and which bank this could be offered at no charge or a small fee. It can be set up case by case or recurring donations can be set up on your computer and your bank will mail us a check.           
2. MAIL: Abundant Life Church of God, 632 Colts Neck,Freehold, NJ 07728
3. "EASY TITHE"  - With Easy Tithe, you can donate on a case by case basis or set up recurring payments. You can easily make these contributions from your checking account, credit or debit card. Donations can be made to specific categories in our church. Here is the link to access from your computer:


You can donate using the Easy Tithe app which can be downloaded by clicking one of the buttons below: 



4. TEXT MESSAGE - Text the donation amount to this phone number 732-994-6848  and you will get a text back from Easy Tithe with a basic form you can fill out.

NOTE: Transaction fees are charged to the church when people use "Easy Tithe" electronic giving : 0.30 flat fee per donation PLUS  0.75% per checking account transaction or 2.60% per debit/credit card transaction. Please consider adjusting your donation accordingly to cover transaction costs if possible. There are NO transaction fees for contributions given to the church in our services, mailed in, or for those received via mail when you initiate them through online banking with most local banks. Thank you! Every donation is appreciated!


Thank you for your contributions! 

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